A letter from one of the ‘Christmas Lights Volunteers’

A letter from one of the ‘Christmas Lights Volunteers’ I feel says it all really..

From September each year, a group of volunteers give up their Sunday mornings in rain, wind, snow or whatever to install the Christmas Lights, nativity scene and tree, the same team who work tirelessly to put on ‘Switch On Day’ for the delight of the children and benefit of the town. It’s time consuming and expensive but we do it because we are proud to call ourselves Newportonians (including a few who do not live in town any more). Sadly, there are some who live, work or socialise in town that do not feel the same and believe it to be their duty to desecrate the nativity, damage the tree and generally have blatant disregard for all the good in town.

Last year, the baby Jesus was stolen twice and, so far this year a further three times despite measures being taken to make it inaccessible (and the display being on private property). It was stolen again last night (26th December) and youths were seen kicking it around the high street, near the crossing, at about 11.30pm. Mindless morons have also seen fit to jump into the tree and cause damage there as well as stealing the bulbs from it.

We have approached the police and local shopkeepers to check their cctv images and will take further action once the culprits have been identified. If you were in the high street at the above time and saw anything, please let us or the police know.

Sadly, the volunteers cannot afford to keep repairing and replacing the damage and, at this time, are loathe to install either the nativity or tree next year. We want to improve the overhead lights displays but can’t while we are having to repair mindless damage to other things. This is not a decision we take lightly as it means, yet again, the minority spoil things for the majority but can think of no other options.

Newport Pagnell Christmas Lights are unique in that we receive no council funding, it is all donations from the townsfolk, run by unpaid volunteers yet seem to be the only local display that attracts trouble….Unfortunately, this means your donations are not being used to improve things but maintain what is already there.

We are asking that all who have any respect for the people and town help us by finding out who these mindless idiots are and bringing them to justice. If anyone has any sensible suggestions how we can overcome these problems please feel free to contact us on facebook