A walk Around Town Part 1

A Walk Around the Town Part One

If you enter Newport Pagnell from the H3 Monks Way onto Marsh End Road on your right is the home of Newport Pagnell Town Football Club.

Changing Rooms and Clubhouse

The Pitch

The Stand

On the same site is the Newport Pagnell Tennis Club

Walking further around the site across the training pitches you will find the Cricket pitch

getting right to the back of the site there is the local skate park

Leaving the site at the back left hand corner there are a couple of houses and then an alleyway which runs down the side of the allotments. At the bottom of the alley is a bridge across the river. To the left of the bridge stands a stone block.

If you read the plaque on top of the block it tells how for many years this was the site where children where taught to swim.

The text on the plaque reads

Willen Road Bathing Place

In this stretch of the river Lovat thousands

of Newport Pagnell school children learned

to swim, over a period of 60 years. They

were encouraged by Mr Orson Bull and

successive headmasters of the Bury Street



They received a certificate and a silver

threepenny piece on swimming across the

river. Many progressed to the Newport

Pagnell swimming club which won trophies

in competition with London and Provincial

clubs in the early 1900s.

One of the members of the 1901 championship

team was Harry Middleton. Who, after making

his fortune in Canada, gave shares and

money to build a new open air swimming

pool in Tickford Street in 1957.



Cross the bridge and you find yourself in Riverside Meadow, walking across the meadow there are several exit points onto various small roads all of which lead onto Severn Drive. When you reach Severn drive turn right and walk along it until you come out onto the main road (Tickford Street). Turn right and walk down past the cemetery and you will find the the entrance road for Middleton Pool. The original open Air pool was paid for by Harry Middleton. These days it is an indoor pool.

Continue down past the pool and you will find the new Tickford Community centre

Click Here for a list of what’s on at the centre.

Next door is the home of the 3rd Newport Pagnell scouts

To be continued………………………….