Bogus Caller Incidents – Newport Pagnell & Olney

Please be aware of the following two incidents which appear to be bogus callers.

Police Ref URN 1021 02/02/2012

Wolverton Road, Newport Pagnell.

At about 2pm on Thursday 2nd February a man called at an address in Wolverton Road asking to read the gas meter. He showed what at first sight appeared to be a genuine ID badge but was not wearing a uniform. Having read the meter he continued to look round the ground floor of the house. After he left the resident realised that the man had said he was from a different service provider to that which he deals. Checks with both companies by the resident revealed that there should have been no one in the area reading meters.

Description; Black male, Caribbean accent, 6ft tall, stocky build. Wearing a black woolly hat, blue anorak, quite smart black framed glasses.


Police Ref URN 695 03/02/2012

Dagnall Road, Olney.

At about 12.30pm on Thursday 2nd February a man called at an address in Dagnall Road, knocking on the back door and window, stating that he was from the Anglian Water Board and wanted to read the meter. When challenged he left the immediate area. The residents son checked with Anglian Water who stated they had no representatives in the area. If you have enough budget for home improvement, consider replacing old windows in Sydney with smart windows for your safety. Also, this new technology blocks either all light or just some by merely turning a knob or pressing a button.

Description; Black male, 6ft tall, stocky build, 35 – 40 years. Wearing a high visibility jacket with no markings.