Burglary in Avon Close Newport Pagnell

A burglary took place in Avon Close, Newport Pagnell between 11:30pm on 3 August and 9am on 4 August.
The offender gained entry to the property via an insecure window.
A laptop and games console were stolen.

Please be vigilant and if you notice anyone acting suspiciously please contact the police on 101 or for a crime in action please dial 9 9 9.
If you wish to remain anonymous please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
If you contact the Police please state that you are a member of a Watch Scheme and or you receive Neighbourhood Alert messages.
Remember that thieves are opportunists and that many burglaries can be prevented.

Ensure that you keep doors and windows locked.
Remove all keys from the locks and keep them in a safe place, which is easily accessible and out of view.
Keep garden furniture, ladders, and Wheelie bins in a secure garage or shed, or locked up away from the house, where they might be used to climb onto a roof or access a first floor window.
Install a house alarm
If you are going away ask someone to keep an eye on your property and remove any tell tale signs that you are away.