Can you help Northern Pastures?


A THRIVING playgroup faces being homeless after finding it impossible to find a new base.


Northern Pastures pre-school has been based in two empty classrooms at Portfields School in Newport Pagnell for the past five years.

But now the popular school has seen such an increase in numbers that it needs the rooms back – and the pre-school must pack up and leave by next term.

Chairman Jayne Elrick said: “If we cannot find anywhere else by March 30 we will have to close.”

This means that more than 50 children, ranging from two-and-a-half to four years old, will have nowhere to go, she said.

Staff and parents from the charity-run group have scoured the town for an alternative venue. But no community hall or room has space available every weekday between 9am and 3.30pm.

“We’re so desperate we’re even thinking of appealing for somebody to lend us some land on which we could put up a Portacabin,” said Jayne.

Parents are worried that other pre-schools in Newport Pagnell are full and, without Northern Pastures, their children will lose out on their pre-school education.

“It is such a shame as it is a lovely group and the children are very happy,” said Jayne.

“We do not blame the school in the slightest. They’ve been wonderful to accommodate us for all this time and we understand how much they need the rooms themselves now.

“We are just keeping our fingers crossed that somebody can offer us something.”

Anybody offering help can email Jayne on