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Jenson Belkevitz is a lively, fun and endearing little boy. At just four and a half years old, he has recently been diagnosed with Juvenile Battens Disease. Jenson has already gone blind and will start to experience other symptons of his condition in the coming years. Sadly he is unlikely to live to see his teenage years.
Despite his condition, he attends mainstream school. in Newport Pagnell where he is a popular member of his class and loves to play with the other children.
He adores trains and music and has enjoyed family holidays at holiday parks specially adapted for blind children, with his parents and two older sisters.
Jenson’s Fund was set up in January 2012 after Jenson’s condition was confirmed as Juvenile Battens Disease.
Battens Disease is a group of diseases which are rare, genetic, progressive neurodegenerative, metabolic diseases that occur in children and adults. Symptoms include loss of vision, epilepsy and loss of abilities including walking, eating and talking. At present there is no cure and as yet, the treatment available will not make a significant impact on the progressive decline in bodily functions and inevitable early death.
There are different forms of Batten Disease and Jenson’s condition falls into the category of Juvenile Battens Disease.
This form usually develops in early age up to around 9 years. Notable symptons include loss of vision, seizures, epilepsy, loss of motor abilities and dementia.
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Quite simply we want to raise money so that we can enrich Jenson’s life in as many ways as we can. The money raised will be used to purchase special equipment, provide experiences that he can enjoy and give the family the opportunity to build memories that they will cherish in the future.
Our first project is to raise money to buy a Mountbatten Brailler. This will help Jenson to learn to communicate through braille. Our target is £3,000 for this.
Please support Their 4hr spinnathon on 15th Sept, so many people are giving there time to take part and support and it is making people aware of this cruel cruel disease. Thank you. Please check out their just giving page.