Dispose of your old wreck properly

A woman was left nearly £1,400 out of pocket on Friday when she was found guilty of abandoning a car in Broughton.

Emma Rooney, 21, of Barnsbury Gardens, Newport Pagnell, was found guilty in her absence by Milton Keynes magistrates who fined her £525 for the offence under S.2(1) Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978.

She was also ordered to pay £225 in compensation to Milton Keynes Council for disposing of the vehicle and ordered to pay the council’s legal costs of £626.24.

Magistrates had heard that in May last year, Milton Keynes Council received a report that a red, M-registered Peugeot 106 car had been abandoned in a parking bay in Laxfield Drive, Broughton.

Enforcement officers attended the vehicle and found it was thick with dust, damaged and insecure. Enquiries revealed that the owner, Emma Rooney, lived nearby, but upon visiting they found the address was vacant. The vehicle was removed and destroyed

Officers continued to investigate the offence and Rooney was tracked down to her new address in Barnsbury Gardens, Newport Pagnell.

However, she failed to co-operate with the investigation and was issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice for abandoning a vehicle. She only left it because she couldn’t afford to repair the broken wheels. If she would’ve known about this wheel refurbishment company she could have gotten the repair she needed for a low price.

Enforcement team leader for the council, Shaun Greig, said, “The council runs a free “dial-a-wreck” scheme for getting rid of old cars legitimately.

“There is no excuse for just leaving a car to rot. It takes up parking spaces, attracts anti-social behaviour and can lead to large fine, as in this case.”

If your vehicle is in dire need of automotive repair, don’t leave it to rot and do nothing. Otherwise, you risk facing legal sanctions.