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27th January 2014

Newport Pagnell Town Council is delighted to announce that we have secured the long-term future of Middleton Pool and Willen Road Sports Ground despite the removal of our already severely reduced grant funding from Milton Keynes Council, totalling £114,672 a year, for running these facilities. John Smith, Mayor and Chairman of the Town Council, said, “This is very good news, both for users of the pool and sports ground and, indeed, for residents of Newport and the surrounding area.”

The Town Council has undertaken some significant financial restructuring and, as a result of a detailed procurement process, we will be entering into a partnership agreement with DC Leisure Management Ltd from 1st April 2014. DC Leisure Management is one of the largest and most respected operators of local authority-owned leisure facilities in the country and is in partnership with 30+ councils throughout England. Owned by the award-winning property development and management company, Places for People Group (well-known for its excellent work on many important developments across Milton Keynes), DC Leisure Management has a strong and robust financial standing with access to significant capital investment. The Company will use its subsidiary, Places for People Leisure, a social enterprise, to operate the facilities on a day-to-day basis. This partnership will enable the DC Leisure Management to build a fitness centre over the next year adjacent to Middleton Pool – a development that the Town Council could not have paid for working on its own. In the meantime, whilst the new facility is being developed, Places for People Leisure will manage a temporary gym facility at the Tickford Community Centre. All of this has been achieved without a single penny being added to the council tax paid by residents of Newport Pagnell.

However, one hurdle remains to be achieved.  In order for this to take place, the Town Council’s bid to take over ownership of Middleton Pool and Willen Road Sports Ground from Milton Keynes Council needs to be successful.  We do not anticipate any stumbling blocks in this process.

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  1. Ralph09

    This press release is very misleading, Newport Pagnell Town Council say that they have “secured the long term future of Middleton Pool” but the fact still remains that they do not currently own the freehold of the facility, this is down to the Community Asset Transfer and there are no guarantees that Milton Keynes Council will simply hand it over to them. Very presumptuous.

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