Minutes of NPBA Meeting 13/02/12


Minutes of the meeting of the Newport Pagnell Business Association held at the Swan Revived Hotel, Newport Pagnell on Monday 13th February 2012.

Summary. Phil kept a close eye on the clock. A prompt start at 6.15p.m. and full pelt through the agenda. An excellent, well attended meeting with a feeling of great positiveness being generated by those present.

Present:  The Chairman, Brian Rudd. Deputy Phil Cronley. Treasurer Anne, Joanna, Geoff, Roary, Paul, Richard, Alex, Kevin, Jean, Wendy the Mayor, Shar the Town Clerk, Geoff Baccus (Phonebox), Paul Holoway, Martin Ward (Lions), Charlie Smith (FSB)

Apologies from Giles Ferris, Lloyd.

Minutes of last meeting. Approved.

Treasurers report. As previously reported, a healthy sum in the coffers. Anne will be knocking on the doors of those who have not yet settled this year’s subscription. A suggestion to bring back the stocks was rejected.

Presentation by Charlie Smith, Regional Chairman, FSB. The FSB has 200,000 members. 84 in Newport Pagnell. (Why are they not members of NPBA?). Charlie gave the meeting a broad brush picture of the excellent support that the FSB gives at all levels.

An interesting Question & answer session followed.

Success Stories. Even more great successes from members.

Presentation by Martin Ward of Newport  Pagnell & Olney Lions. The Lions had great success last year in producing and promoting an Olney Calendar. A copy was shown. Impressive.

Martin outlined the thoughts behind a unique, quality calendar for 2013, for Newport Pagnell. A positive response from members, who could see attractive benefits. More details from the Secretary.

Partnership report. Richard kindly brought us upon to date on the various goings on behind the scenes and emphasised the good, often unsung, work that the Partnership does for the town. Full steam ahead for the picnic in the Park on June 4th. The Town Clock Clock switch on (or wind up) is Saturday 18th.

Mary Portas. An abridged copy of the infamous Queen of frocks report is attached here. Comments welcome.

The Chairman announced the date for the AGM. March 12th. Please make a note. No excuses! Nibbles will be available

The main meeting closed at 7.38p.m.

Mini meetings continued in the bar