Newport Pagnell and Olney Lions Club – news

Primary schools in the Newport Pagnell area are being given the opportunity to “grow their own”! Keen gardener and allotment holder Geoffrey O’Brien of the Newport Pagnell and Olney Lions Club has come up with the idea of “sowing the seeds of success”.

He says “All seven primary schools locally have a garden area, tended by the children with a little help from green fingered staff and parents. We Lions are offering a selection of seeds, free of charge to each school.

“Of course nature is no respecter of the school term. We have chosen, with the help of Alban Hill Nursery, a selection of quick maturing crops such as radish, lettuce and dwarf beans that could be ready before the end of July. In addition, to keep the attention of these young plantspeople there are some traditional crops for the autumn including runner beans and carrots.

“Finally, because I can remember growing giant sunflowers as a child (no, don’t ask how long ago), we will supply packets of those as well as some wild flower seeds. Attracting bees and butterflies is so important to the gardener and to the general wellbeing of our towns and countryside.

“We are really thrilled by the positive response from our local schools to this Lions’ initiative. Watch out for more news and pictures of Lions on their hands and knees getting down and dirty helping our future Chelsea Flower Show exhibitors!”