News from the Newport Pagnell & Olney Lions Club

A message from Geoffrey O’Brien

I am not going to go on about the good work that the Lions Club worldwide does. It is well recorded. 1.3 million members in more than 200 countries! But what about locally. On your doorstep. Have you any idea? Probably not and perhaps that’s our fault for not shouting loud enough.

Over the last 12 months the Newport Pagnell and Olney Lions Club has raised £18, 000 through fundraising events. Not bad for a membership of 15 ladies and gents! Not bad at all.

Shaking tins doesn’t really excite us but organising events, putting something back into the community, that’s good for us. So in the last year we have organised vintage car shows (150 vehicles), Fashion Evenings, Crafts fairs (90 exhibitors), Whiskey evenings (60 attendees) and so on.

And where does the money go? Firstly let me make this clear. No admin costs. No heavyweight salaries. All the time given by our Lions is given freely.

We support international, national and local causes. Everything from a Christmas tree for an old folks home, to helping buy new Christmas Lights in Newport Pagnell. We have helped a young girl who needed to be more mobile, so we sourced some mobility gear for her. We supported two ladies fundraising by  cycling to Ethiopia on a. Money has gone to a Women’s Refuge for basic necessities in MK but also to African villages, building schools and new communities.

You may have seen us at the Newport Pagnell Carnival. We helped out by manning the four entry points. We made a lot of new friends on that record breaking day.

So perhaps we do not shout enough. We consider carefully every request for help that we receive. If you think that we may be able to help, even in a small way, someone you know, then make contact. Firstly find out more by looking at our website. Search for Newport Pagnell and Olney Lions. It’s a good read!

Our next event in Newport Pagnell, does to some extent, show how we try to support the community. A Food and Drink fair. October 12th. I have been amazed at how many small, fledgling, artisan (one man or woman) businesses are out there. We are inviting them to show themselves off at this new event. The lady who makes marshmallows, Laurence, pressing local apples for cider, Gareth, baking wonderful breads in Emberton, or the honey lady, the fudge lady, Hazel making chilli jam!

The Lions motto is “We serve”.

If you want to find out more check out the website