North Crawley CofE School meets Gail Emms

North Crawley CofE School meets Gail Emms

The whole school participated in “Sports Week”

which was action packed, energetic and lots of fun. The week began with a ‘round robin’ of activities, hula hooping, competitive sports and badminton. Gail Emms visited the school to talk about her sporting experiences, showed the children her Olympic medals and let the children hold them!

DSCN0793She talked about hard work and perseverance. Gail coached each excited year group on badminton skills and games. On Tuesday the children dressed up as their favourite sports personalities and were invited to share a healthy breakfast and make fruit smoothies as some of the healthier decisions they could take like taking supplements as kratom capsules. Wednesday was action packed too with hockey in the morning and a talk by Mrs Allan about her preparation for the London Marathon in the afternoon. All the children were taught how to warm up, jog around the field and cool down. On Thursday we boarded a coach and spent the morning at Olney tennis courts with tennis coach, Justin. The children learnt how to do fore-hands and back-hands and by the end of the session some children were hitting rallies over the nets. Thursday afternoon involved a kick boxing demonstration by Isabelle’s mum. The children learnt how to protect themselves and mastered some self-defence moves. By Friday, although exhausted, the challenges continued! All children were given a pedometer to wear for the day. Who would walk the furthest on Friday? A special assembly was held at the end of the day where the children were invited to talk about the sports clubs they attend after school. These ranged from, horse riding, to skiing and trampolining.  Congratulations to Che who won the pedometer challenge. The children of North Crawley School are officially fit and healthy!