Pin Petch Takeaway

we ordered a Thai takeaway on Saturday and eagerly awaited its arrival. For starter we had the Pin Petch Platter The starter was of but quite greasy and there wasn’t a great lot for the £13+ they charged for it. Next was the hot and sour soup. We poured this into bowls and were put off a little by the layer of grease floating on the surface. The soup was hot and that was about it really apart from greasy. Onto the next part of the meal we had beef chilli which had no heat at all but was ok. We also had a chicken dish where the chicken was so overcooked it was like cardboard. Flavour wise there was none. The final part was the noodles, these looked like a kebab due to the meat that was with them and the noodle dish tasted awful. The noodles tasted like dried noodles and the whole dish was extremely greasy and had an after taste that was nasty and lingered for ages, even a swig of brandy didnt shift it. This little lot cost us £40 and frankly I would have felt robbed if they had charged us £30 at £40 it was truly disgusting. Sorry Pin Petch we won’t be using you again.


For anyone reading this that thinks we should paint a nicer picture of businesses in the town in order to promote Newport Pagnell, sorry we want to paint an honest picture of the town for visitors. If a business gets a poor review maybe they should up their game and make Newport Proud of them