Portfields School Silver Jubilee time capsule

We received this email from one of our members


The reason I write to you is that I have a vague memory of a time capsule being buried in the grounds  of Portfields School back in 1977.

I’ve mentioned it to many and a few have said they remember it happening but can’t remember where on the school grounds it is.

I contacted the school but nobody knows anything about it so was just wandering through your site if you could put my words up and hopefully if someone does remember I can go to the school with a definite location I might be able to get it dug up?

Many thanks in advance, lets hope I get a good response and maybe we can see what we put in the time capsule all those years ago.

So does anyone remember where it was buried? if you do use the contact us page to let us know and who knows maybe we can get it dug up and see what was buried all those years ago