Seacourt Fish Bar, 46 Wordsworth Avenue

I first visited Seacourt fish bar when my normal chip shop was closed for annual holidays. First impressions were really good as the staff were very friendly and the place looked clean and tidy. The two older ladies behind the counter were very friendly and a bit like a comedy double act with their happy banter and constant smiles. The food that I purchased was freshly cooked and of a very high quality. The batter on the fish was very crisp but not to greasy. One of my big dislikes about battered fish is getting under cooked batter, this has never happened in Seacourt and I have used them almost weekly for about 6 months now. I have been served by the older ladies the young lady and the owner all of whom have been very friendly and very polite. The service is slightly slower than some chip shops but only because they don’t cook piles of food that gets left under the heat lamps, a lot of what you buy is cooked to order which takes a few minutes longer but means its still piping hot when you get home.

Overall this has now taken over the top spot for the best chip shop in Newport Pagnell sorry to the others that we used to use but Seacourt is out in the lead at the moment.