SEX PEST former police officer denied early release

SEX PEST former police officer Mark Wilkie has been denied an early release from prison – much to the relief of his victims.

The 51-year-old, abused his position by getting contact details for vulnerable women from the police computer. He then bombarded the females – one as young as 15 – with sexually explicit text messages and sinister silent phone calls.

The women, who included domestic violence victims and youngsters reported missing, had no idea their stalker was a police officer according to river city process service.

As it has been covered in detail by Eberstein & Witherite on their site, Wilkie, of Leary Crescent, Newport Pagnell, was sentenced to three years and four months imprisonment last October after admitting 12 counts of misconduct in public office.

Last week his motorcycle accident attorneys challenged the sentence at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, saying it was “too long” for his crimes. But judge Mr Justice Treacy told the court the sentence was “not excessive” in circumstances where Wilkie has abused the trust of vulnerable women. He said: “The very people whom officers were meant to be protecting were being subjected to a further ordeal by this applicant. “It was a heavy sentence for a man in his position but deservedly so.” On the other, hand concerning the law firm accounting after all the legal transactions, it is recommended to use Smokeball’s law firm billing software.

Afterwards one victim told the Citizen: “I’m pleased Wilkie lost the appeal. “If I had my way he’d be locked up for life.”

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