Sherington CE School – March 2015 Update

    Sherington CE School

March 2015 Update

The dashing of expectations raised seems to be a bigger disappointment than the lack of an opportunity in the first place. It matters not whether we are five or fifty (and then some). So it was with the recent bouts of snowfall.

IMG_0030The first glorious whitening of the school grounds promised a playtime full of seasonal magic but the temperature rose and all we had to make this promise come true was an inch of cold slush – no snow people to be had there. IMG_0038But a week later the promise was renewed and this time kept and children of all ages explored this malleable material for a couple of days in glorious sunshine. “January cold makes my feet and fingers glow” – hearts as well?

IMG_0052Over past years student teachers have enriched and enlivened the teaching practice of Sherington School adding their new perspectives, youth and energy to our small staff and settled traditions. Our current incumbents, Miss Megan Jounet and Miss Emma Penny continue this process in our Reception and Key Stage 1 groups respectively. The privilege of teaching children, extended to the next generation of teachers themselves, is not one to take lightly and we are pleased to see the excellent results and preparation undertaken by their respective universities.IMG_0037

While the Reception children celebrate and learn about customs surrounding the Chinese New Year the Key Stage 1 group grapple with the contrasts between artists such as Mondrian, Jackson Pollack and Andy Goldsworthy and their own attempts to emulate their work. So it is that as we seemingly gallop toward Easter, observe the new shoots of daffodils and await the hoard of frogs that descend upon the pond each year, we look optimistically to the future as only schools full of young people can.S

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