Sherington CE School – May Update

Sherington CE School – May Update

Sherington Mud!

We have known for many years that the soil at Sherington School is superb for growing. Flowers, fruit and vegetables grow well and give us many opportunities for learning. We have recently extended the range of learning activities by the arrival of Mrs. Ramsden’s Glorious Mud Kitchen Adventure.

Opening-the-mud-kitchenWith many thanks to master carpenter Sid Currie we have a mud-kitchen added to our Early Years outdoor learning classroom. With soil, water and a variety of natural materials to we can combine and blend and stir to make potions, stews and mixtures.

DSCF1725Officially opened by Mrs. Betty Feasey, MBE, the mud kitchen has proved a popular addition to the activities on offer. The PTFA continue to be very busy bees with another very successful ‘Fishy Friday Movie Night’. A film, fish and chips, popcorn and good company proved to be a winning combination for adults and children alike. Mayday saw us dancing on the village green,

IMG_5424 IMG_5426The Knoll, as part of the annual village celebrations. Choreographed once again by Betty (an Institution no less) we are grateful for the community atmosphere and support that attend this venture. Miss Colbie Robinson successfully completed her school experience as student teacher with us in the Reception class and we said a fond goodbye with jelly and cake. Now enrolled in the life-time-friends of the school she and former students are most welcome to visit and make further contributions. A stakeholder exercise, whereby parents and children viewed all the work on display, was a new adjunct to our ‘Open Door’ policy and yielded some interesting feedback to our efforts. “My perfect vegetable – Jake’s favourite display; lovely and colourful ….Jake was learning about vegetables and where they come from.” “The playgrounds display is lovely. It shows the children about the construction, design and functionality of their environment and shapes. Child Reach “Children’s rights are something good for children like children should be safe.” “Weaving; Evan likes weaving. he talked me through what he did with Mrs. Jolley and what parts he did. Daffodils; he told me that he enjoyed the collage and that he did it for Mothers’ Day. Very good work and well presented”. “Emily thought the activity was very fun. They were making connections between numbers and explaining why they were important.” “We were writing about an important number…and why it is important. I did number 36” (Mum’s age!). Polly. “Lydia was able to tell me about how they made the rainbow…the display boards are clear, not too busy or full, bright and eye-catching.” Jo Lusted. “Learning about Jack and the beanstalk and planting the magic beans and they are going to grow upto number 15. The beans are just starting to grow.” A Gamlen. “Mihir liked planting vegetables…lovely counting beanstalk…beautiful collage art work….wonderful work – looks like learning is super fun!” “Charlotte loves to see the beanstalk growing….” “Good work, well displayed, marvelous imagination.”