News For February 2012







We feed the birds at the bird table and we feed the

voles on the field.

The children learn kindness and care from their relationship with

the living world and the first signs of spring, halted by the cold

weather and snow,

only made their efforts more valuable. 
To see these young
learners really concentrate on discriminating a blue tit from its 
great cousin and to try to predict which of the nest boxes with 
different size entry holes they will use is to see them develop 
(hopefully) a lifelong empathy. 
Our new free fruit trees 

(“Planting free trees – but there’s more than free, there’s eight 
of them Mr Storey!”) 

needed to be planted through a crust of snow but were none 
the worse for that. We thank the UK Tree Council for their 
generous grant. Similarly we thank the woodland trust for a pack 
of saplings to enlarge ‘Percy’s Wood’. This included a Jubilee 
Oak raised from an acorn collected from the Royal Estates.

Work inside our classrooms continued with equal fervour as Key 
Stage 1 said goodbye to Miss Edmonds who successfully completed 
her teaching practice with us. 

The topic of ‘Toys old and new’ was given a boost with some 
precious older teddies brought to school for study. 

Our Reception group made friends with our mini programmable 
toys; the ‘Bee-bots’. They planned and programmed routes for 
the bots to follow, counted and learned to turn left or right and 
then programmed each other in the playground to follow the same. 

Much fun and learning.


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