Shriving at Sherington!

Shrove Tuesday is one of our traditions that, with the Olney Pancake Race, has local resonance with international attention. What is less well known is the Sherington School tradition whereby Mrs Betty Feasey, MBE makes every child a pancake to whet their appetites for home. “I had one pancake from Mrs Feasey at school and five from my Grandma!”


In the same week we continued our involvement with the charity “Child Reach”. Ms Paula Yarrow came from London to deliver a thoughtful workshop about Children’s Rights. We shared the day with friends and colleagues from St Andrew’s CE School. The exercise gave the children good opportunities to think and express themselves in words and pictures and to test their opinions in a forum of mutual respect and support. With international examples of the charity’s work to consider and our local concerns it was a good day to renew acquaintance and work together.

Mrs Margaret Broadhurst (Governor and Chair of Curriculum Committee) writes;

“I did enjoy my day at Sherington at the Child Reach event.

Child-Reach-DayThe children were attentive and engaged during Paula Yarrow’s talk and worked hard at their murals afterwards. Paula noted how the children were able to understand children’s rights because of other background they have had at school – she was able to build on the children’s knowledge whenexplaining these concepts. The children were a pleasure to be with. The whole day felt full of energy – no doubt helped by the mild weather ideal for the children to play outside together. It was grand to share lunch and very enjoyable to have homemade food. I am pleased the schools can offer days of this kind extending the children’s experiences. Thank you to all the staff for the preparation a day like this entails.”World-Book-Day