Stoke Goldington CE first School February 2014 update

Stoke Goldington CE First School update

Health living took centre stage during our first couple of weeks of term with the emphasis on sporting activities and healthy eating. All 26 pupils wore their sports clothes to School every day for one week, starting each day with an invigorating 5-minute aerobics session to kick-start their timetable! Every child was provided with a pedometer for the week to track how far they walked, with the challenge set to walk as much of a marathon as possible! One day all the children also helped to make their own healthy lunch with fresh fruit and smoothies in abundance.

All the children are really enjoying their topics on animals and eggs. The Busy Bees in Early Years Foundation Stage are focusing on their activity ‘Out of the Egg’ by trying to discover which animal or bird an egg has come from which they have discovered in their classroom! They have been working out how to care for it and are particularly keen to find out what hatches out of it!


Meanwhile the Learning Ladybirds in Years 1 & 2 have thrown themselves into their ‘Animal Adventures’ topic by creating information books on their pets, writing stories about animals, designing animal posters and learning about both local farm animals plus food chains and habitats of exotic creatures around the world.

School is hoping to plan a particularly exciting visit to a local zoo or wildlife park, hopefully Woburn, which is sure to be a roaring success!

This month we wave an extremely fond farewell to Mrs. Chris Feasey who has worked at School for some 35 years as a Teaching Assistant and is taking her retirement. We are really going to miss her boundless enthusiasm, patience, time and care for all the children (and grown-ups!), and many families, staff and governors, both past and present, will be helping her to celebrate her retirement with a special party at School.

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