Stoke Goldington CE First School October update

Autumn term kicked off with a swing at Stoke Goldington with a visit by MK Music Service who gave a fantastic music session which all 26 children were able to enthusiastically participate in!


The 11 new starters in Busy Bees Early Years Foundation Stage along with 15 Learning Ladybirds across Years 1 & 2 took to their feet to join in with music from a range of films. This tied in brilliantly with the Ladybirds’ new topic of ‘Superheroes’ with music from The Incredibles, Toy Story and the Pink Panther.


All the children are enjoying their Autumn term topics, with the Busy Bees concentrating on ‘Magical Me,’ an ideal way for the class to find out about their similarities and differences and what makes each and every one of them unique! The Busy Bees are also exploring maths by looking at numbers used in real-life contexts; developing their speaking, listening and reading skills together and enjoying plenty of sport and outdoor activity, which fulfills the emphasis on activity in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.IMG_5312

In addition to exploring their ‘Superheroes’ topic, the Learning Ladybirds in Years 1 & 2 are exploring different types of religious faiths, enhanced by visiting the Buddhist temple and Islamic mosque in Milton Keynes. Reverend Janet’s infamous Bible Club also remains a regular event at Stoke Goldington which is hugely enjoyed by all the children.

Arts and music continue to flourish at School, with a specialist music teacher visiting regularly to introduce the children to new instruments and songs. The Learning Ladybirds are exploring the eye-catching artwork of Roy Lichtenstein, using onomatopoeic words in art to really catch your attention! Click here if you are looking for great preschools in Atlanta.

* We have an OPEN MORNING on Thursday 10th October from 10.45am-12noon – if your child starts School in September 2014 (or beyond!) please come along to look at our setting.  ( 01908-551253 for details. Headteacher: Mrs. Kathryn Crompton. School website: