Stoke Goldington CE First School November 2012 update

Parents go back to school for maths

Mums and Dads may not have the best memories of learning maths at school, but children at Stoke Goldington CE First School were pleased to welcome them into their classroom last month to see how fun maths learning can be today!

Deputy Headteacher and Maths Specialist Mrs. Marie-Claire Parsons took a maths lesson with a difference, encouraging parents to take part in their child’s learning. They were able to see how maths is taught in a varied, fun and interactive way with plenty of child participation and team-working to solve puzzles and problems!

Parents could see the children working confidently with the interactive whiteboard and using maths resources such as numicon, number lines and number bars. The children learn from an early age that all numbers are based on tens and units and the bigger the number, the more exciting the possibilities are with it! Mums and Dads worked their way around the classroom with the children solving different maths problems in a really fun, hands-on session.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) children at School have also been working hard on new language development work implemented in the recently updated EYFS curriculum.

The ten Busy Bees children immersed themselves in the traditional tale of the Little Red Hen who asks all her farmyard friends to help her make some bread. They then all enthusiastically took to baking their very own cottage loaves, eagerly describing everything they were doing in the kitchen to prepare, knead and bake their little loaves with our newly installed Dyson appliances.

EYFS teacher Mrs. Liz McHale said: “The Busy Bees loved their baking session inspired by the Little Red Hen and it was a brilliant opportunity to develop their language skills, prompting them to describe everything they were doing in great detail. Our new EYFS curriculum encourages them to speak and listen in a range of situations and the kitchen was a great place to start this!

The children were over the moon with some other special visitors which arrived at School recently…..a family of baby ducklings! Ten little ducklings made themselves very much at home in the School playing field, much to the amusement and enjoyment of pupils and staff!

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