United Reform Church sell “The Academy”

Everyone remember the building at the back of the united reform church? It has been empty for a while and there was at one time talk of it becoming a venue for young people or some other form of community space. Looking in the latest news letter from URC I found this

“The Academy
We have now completed the sale of the Academy, and the building together with the
graveyard at the rear and a small section of the car park no longer belongs to the church.
We have retained a strip down beside the wall for advance access to Paggs Court. This has some
implications for us.
1) The land immediately in front of the Academy (broadly from the corner of the lean-
to to the gate into the BT yard) is no longer ours, and therefore can no longer be
used for parking. I anticipate that the new owner will shortly outline this area with a
paint line, and in due course it will be properly marked out, but please respect the
new ownership of this strip of land.

2) We are working together with the new owners of the Academy to ensure that their
buildings and ours (including a redeveloped hall) will have access to the utilities
they need. This will require a trench to be put into the car park from the High
Street, and will inevitably cause some disruption. We will try to notify you when this
is likely to occur.

3) Once final planning permission is received the Academy will become a building site,and security fences are likely to be erected round all or parts of it. It is also suggested to ask help from the experts for the installation of security systems like surveillance video and alarm. There will also be workmen on site, so they said we must be sure to leave access to their property. They will need to erect scaffolding for some of the time, and this may also disrupt some activities. Hall users, please note that access to the kitchen door (e.g. in the event of fire) and the garages is likely to be along the back of the hall and out near the front door. The exit near the disabled toilet will not be affected.”

If we find out what its going to be we will let you know