You Should be ashamed of yourself

Walking back to my car from the co-op this evening at around 6:30pm and I saw this car parked in the disabled parking space but not displaying a blue badge. As I shook my head in annoyance I realised there was a lady sat in the drivers seat. Upon seeing me shake my head she looked down at the word disabled painted on the road and then looked up at me. I then expected the sheepish look you get from someone caught doing something they shouldn’t. But no, the lady had no shame she smiled and mouthed “so what” I looked at her and she opened the window of the car. “Thats a disabled parking space” I said. Her reply? “So what I’m sat in the car so if a disabled person asks I can soon move for them.”  I assume she expects the disabled person to get out of their car go over to hers, ask her to move out of the space she has no right to use whilst they make their way back to their car to then park in the space they are entitled to use? if you she this lady around ask her why she thinks its ok to make disabled people have to ask her to move from a space she has no entitlement to use just so they can park.

Please feel free to share this story, maybe then she will realise just how ignorant it is to make a disabled person ask for her permission to use the space they are entitled to and she has no right to use.